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“The key to accomplishment is organization. School nurse “needs” are numerous and varied. Many are determined by outside pressures. Acting individually, it is impossible for the school nurses to deal effectively with these problems. Together, they can represent a strong united effort which will be recognized.” (NASN Membership web site.)

MSNO unified with NASN  2005-present

At the April 2, 2005 MSNO Annual Meeting, the MSNO members in attendance voted to re-unify with NASN. Your membership is now a combined MSNO/NASN membership. All MSNO members will once again have the invaluable connection with our national organization with its resources, benefits and link with nurses across the country.

Benefits of Membership in MSNO/NASN:

  • The Journal of School Nursing
  • The NASN Newsletter
  • Discounts for:
  • School Nurse Manuals
  • NASN/MSNO conferences
  • NASN/MSNO workshops offered regionally
  • Priority for NASN Training Projects
  • Legislative representation at state and national levels
  • The MSNO Outlook newsletter
  • Membership in MSNO Enews service and its archives
  • Representation in various professional organizations

The support of a dedicated volunteer MSNO Board of Directors who continue to advocate for school health services and school nursing in Massachusetts through its legislative initiatives and collaboration with many Massachusetts organizations and agencies.

Nurses who belong to their professional organization:

  • Are better informed about their practice.
  • Have a wide range of opportunities for professional development.
  • Have the opportunity to have their collective voices heard at the state and national level.
  • Can better inform educator colleagues, administration, parents and their community about school health and school health services.
  • Have the opportunity to network with their school nurse colleagues.
  • Can expand their professional leadership and nursing skills.


Watch for the Membership Regions new look and updates!


Membership applications: Your application can be accessed in one of the following two manners:

Click here for a Printable Membership Application

Applicants will be joining both organizations with this single application. You can print the application and pay by check or credit card and mail directly to NASN.

Click here for a Secure Online Membership Application

Anniversary of Payment Date Effective April 1, 2002, NASN instituted its new Anniversary of Payment Date for payments of membership dues. Regardless of the time of year you join or renew with NASN, you will receive a full 12 (twelve) months worth of membership benefits.

Membership Classifications:

ACTIVE (Registered Professional Nurse. Meets state’s DOE criteria for licensure as a school nurse.)

ASSOCIATE (Not available)

MEMBER-AT-LARGE (Persons who hold a special interest in, who are working with NASN/MSNO, or who do not fit into any other membership category.)

STUDENT (Students enrolled in a school of nursing, NOT employed as a school nurse on a full or part-time basis. ** Not granted to those with a previous Active membership, and shall not be renewed more than once for a graduate nurse.)

RETIRED (School nurse who is a member, upon retirement shall be eligible to become a retired member.)

CORPORATE/BUSINESS/PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION (Organizations or persons whose members are not eligible for Active or Associate membership in the corporation.)


Purchase Orders: If your district pays for your membership in your professional school nursing organization via a purchase order, you may continue to do so. Please note the following to ensure that your application is processed in a timely fashion:

1. Your application MUST be attached to the PO submitted to NASN for membership.

2. The PO is sent directly to NASN – address is on the application – not to MSNO.

An invoice is then sent to your business office by NASN to request payment.

Membership is not valid until payment has been received.

(You are advised to check with your business office if you have not received notification of your completed membership processing after one month. Check to see if the PO has been sent (!) and if the invoice has been received and paid (!).


If you have questions, you may contact Terry Grimm: [email protected] .

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