Conference Handouts


Spring 2017 Conference

Handouts for the Spring 2017 MSNO Conference: School Nursing Perspectives 2017: Managing Students with Diabetes

T1D Care Beyond the Numbers

Diabetes Clinic Supply List

Coach Training Module for T1D

Diabetes Emergency Action Plan

Field Trip Forms

Understanding T1D School: Staff Training and Education

Section 504 for School Nurses

Fall 2016 Conference

Handouts for the Fall MSNO Conference: Supporting Social and Emotional Health and Wellness: Guidelines for School Nurses

Does Meditation Change the Structure of the Brain, Brensilver, M. (2016)

Mindful Schools: Guidelines for Secular Teaching of Mindfulness, Brensliver, M. (2016)

Mindfulness and Empathy, Brensilver, M. (2016)

Mindfulness Meditation and Substance Use in an Incarcerated Population

What is Mindfulness, Young, S. (2013) Note: this is 76 pages

Suggested Reading – J Burgess

Creating a Collegial Partnership: School Nurses and School Counselors in Collaborative Everyday Practice – Adria Pavletic

Psychopharmacology Update – Prince Power Point

Overview of Anxiety/Emotional Health in Children – Prince Power Point