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Tenet Foundation Grants

The Tenet Foundation makes grants available in the following categories: health and wellness, health education, human services, education, civic and community, and arts and humanities. An online grant eligibility quiz is posted on their web site, which enables organizations to determine whether they fit within the foundation’s guidelines.

For more information, please visit Tenet Foundation Grants website,, or Tenet Health Online Quiz for Eligibility.


NASN Research Grants

NASN Research Grant awarded for research with a focus on any area related to School Nursing and/or impacting Student Health. Average Award is $2,500/Maximum Award is $5,000.

NASN Directed Research Grant awarded for pertinent topic of interest determined annnually by NASN. Average Award is $2,500/Maximum Award is $5,000. The following topics have been determined for the 2005 Grant process:

  1. Factors affecting student success
  2. Mental health issues for students & staff
  3. Chronic health conditions
  4. Contemporary/emergent health issues


NASN Recognition Award for Completed Research recognizing Exceptional Research Endeavors. Award is $100. Deadline: March 1st


For further information and/or to obtain an application, please visit:



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