Strategic Plan



 Massachusetts School Nurse Organization

Strategic Plan


Vision and Goals for 2012-2015


Communication Core Communication tools will be updated and functional

Q 2 Actions 1 – Use Magic Jack phone for messages and put special greeting on

Update – Completed

Q2 Action 2 – Put MSNO address and phone number on the MSNO website

Update – will be on updated web site.

Q2 Action 3 – Create a Gmail address for MSNO. This could be used for general questions and comments to MSNO.

We could use a standardized subject line to ease redirecting emails to the correct person.

Update – completed by Sue Glenney.

Q 2 Action 4 – Accepted for the practicum…..presently being worked on


Q 3 Action 1 – Work to review content for relevance.

Q 3 Action 2 – Establish streamlined categories for the revised

Update: Home Page

Organization – Org structure, Board

Events and Education – MSNO conferences

Advocacy – pay equity and MSNO legislative Tool Kit.

Communications – Outlook, links, job ads

Membership – Regions and an interactive membership map; retired SN links, Honors, licensure information, MSNO By-Laws

Vendors –

Resources – Grants

Q 3 Action 3 – Have one “snail mail” newsletter per year. Mail out in September and it would include: membership, fall conference, regional save the dates for meetings, advocacy and information about the new MSNO website (hopefully).


Q 4 Actions 1 – Improve communication with Vendors by bundling vendor solicitation. Bring a proposal to the MSNO Board prior to January 2013 to request vendors make one contribution/year, selecting from a menu of options such as Conferences, website and newsletter

Leadership Development for Members Membership increase by 25% (to 1000) by 2015.  Motivate and develop membership to embrace leadership skills at every level

Leadership Development to Sustain the Board

Improve the leadership development of MSNO, its board and members by 2015


Advocacy, Alliances and Collaboration

By 2015, MSNO will have focused networking and alliances with other organizations that collectively promote “whole child” health and school nursing professionalism


Advocacy and Collaboration Group

2013 Goal: to identify all existing and potential MSNO affiliations, their MSNO Board representative and organization contact individual; develop a brief summary of all affiliations; and develop a standardized annual report form for all MSNO affiliations to be completed by respective MSNO representative annually.

Q2 Actions – review existing affiliations and fill existing vacancies by current subcommittee group; begin to develop standardized form for annual report

Q2 Measurable outcomes – List of existing affiliations with MSNO representative(s) to be completed


Q3 and Q4 Actions – Obtain brief background on affiliations, contact information and frequency of meeting times from MSNO representative; identify other potential affiliations; work on proposed annual report form; plan to post on MSNO website

Q3 and Q4 Measurable outcomes – List  of affiliations including MSNO representative and brief background of affiliation/committee will be completed; additional affiliations and MSNO board representative(s) will be added to list


Q1 (2013) Actions – MSNO Board representative will complete an annual summary of that year’s involvement with designated affiliate including frequency and location of meetings; a list of affiliates with MSNO representative to be posted on MSNO website

Q1 (2013) Measurable outcomes – annual reports will be completed for each affiliation; affiliation information will be posted on MSNO website


Organizational Development

By 2015: present to membership revised Board structure and role definition, including bylaws revisions.

By June 2013: Create/present current and proposed organization charts

By June 2014: Review all Board positions in R.T. MSNO Goals and Vision

By June 2014: Evaluate value/need for Exec Director

By June 2015: Rewrite/realign Board positions to meet revised organizational structure

By June 2015: Revise bylaws to meet new structure


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